Focus Logistics

As logistics specialists, we ensure every stage of the construction process is as safe, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Our full-service offering means we deal with absolutely everything that needs to happen on and off site for a construction project to succeed, from transport, traffic control and material storage to safety, security and waste management.

Safe Sites. Healthy Workers.

Construction sites are dangerous. That’s why we’re committed to delivering exceptional levels of health and safety. By ensuring our sites are the safest in the industry, we make sure everyone goes to work in a safe environment and gets home at the end of the day incident and injury free.

But health and safety doesn’t just mean on-site safety. It means the mental wellbeing of every employee. There remains a social stigma around mental health, particularly in the construction industry. We promote conversations around mental health at work and raise awareness of the services and support on offer.

A Sustainable Future.

We’re on a mission to minimise the effect of construction on the planet. The construction industry is responsible for a huge proportion of the UK’s total waste. And a key reason for this is ineffective waste management. We’re putting a stop to this. Our very own systems are setting a new standard for waste management, recycling 99% of waste and diverting 100% from landfill.

By managing waste responsibly, re-using materials where possible, and making energy- and water-usage more efficient, we’re helping construction companies hit their sustainability targets and significantly reduce project costs along the way.

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We’ll be announcing new contracts, celebrating completed projects, and sharing our thoughts on everything from new waste management techniques and sustainable construction methods to on-site safety and the future of the industry.